First post!

13 Nov

Welcome one, welcome all, to the new food blog (flog!) Chicks with Whisks!

First, about ourselves: we are a group of females who love food. A lot. Cooking, baking, inventing, especially eating, you name it, we love it. Anyway, we realized last month that almost all the conversations we have revolve around food–i.e. new ideas (“what would happen if you took an empty chocolate truffle and injected it with hot coffee–and then ATE IT before the heat could melt the chocolate? Ohhhhhh”), random musings (“what’s for lunch?”), recommendations (“You know what you should try? Tofu dogs.” “…No.”), excited expectations (“I’m so excited for dinner because we are going to have veggie quesadillas!”), and commiserations (“Curse the deliciousness of the Wegman’s bakery!”).

Soooo we decided that we would start a food blog to share our everyday culinary experiences with each other, and–to a lesser extent–the world. Most of us are also pretty into writing, and some of us are into photography, and this flog seems like a good way to blow off both some culinary, artistic, and literary steam. 🙂

Hopefully, on this blog, we will get to feature a large range of stuff. We will do cookies, pies, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods; breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc.; savory main dishes of all sorts and backgrounds, such as soups, entrees, meats, vegetarian options, (hopefully we’ll get some dishes from other countries, like India, Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, China, and more); breads; seasonal goodies and holiday treats; desserts, desserts, and more desserts; drinks; and then also some reviews of food-related things like cookbooks, restaurants, TV shows, store-bought products, whatever strikes us. Overview: this is gonna be AWESOME.

In a corny way, this blog is a coming-together for us. We have a bunch of people who all have very different ways of approaching food, and yet we are united in one by our sheer love for it. We have vegans (well, half-vegans actually, if you want to get specific), vegetarians AND die-hard meat addicts, people who eat all organic, people who couldn’t care less about organic-ness, people who love to bake, people who love to cook, people who love to eat, people who specialize in international cuisines, people who don’t particularly enjoy preparing the food but enjoy the experience. [cue inspirational music] And yet, despite our differences, we can unite under the one everlasting banner:



happy blogging, you guys!


2 Responses to “First post!”

  1. lecoupdefoudre1 November 13, 2010 at 5:37 pm #


  2. Montag November 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    i think flogging is bloody form of violence, not a food blog.

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