It’s Not Easy Being Green

19 Nov

It is a fact that tea and ice cream are two of the best things in the world. But what happens when these two things combine? They do in Green Tea Ice Cream. Wait, before you judge this seemingly strange concoction, take a moment to toss the flavor of green tea leaves around. The tea is bitter and sweet at the same time. Now feel the fire of a spoonful of ice creaming melting in your mouth. Finally, put the two together and you have an enticing bittersweet flavor.

When my dish first arrived I was completely and utterly appalled! Not only had I been ripped off, my ice cream was also a vivid green color that did not look appealing at all. In order to avoid the “I told you so” that was coming my way fast, I bit my lip and tucked in, and boy was I surprised. As you begin to eat you hesitate but soon enough you’ll be stuffing your face the way I was. What this ice cream lacked in looks it made up for in taste! This somewhat unconventional combination that I tried today is a reminder to keep your frontiers open to new foods and flavors, you don’t want to miss out on the sweetest things in life!

In case you want to find a recipe it’s called “Green Tea Ice Cream” and it’s of  Japanese origins. The key ingredients are Green Tea, Milk and lots and lots of cream!


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