Thanksgiving Appreciation

20 Nov


It is very clear to me that Thanksgiving is pretty much the best holiday ever conceived by man (after Christmas, of course, but that’s another story). I mean, this holiday is built for success. It’s based on getting together with friends and EATING A HUGE MEAL. Add a dash of holiday spirit, some cool fall weather and atmosphere, hot chocolate, a parade, the promise of gifts in about a month, some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special, fond memories, and a break from work/school–where can you go wrong? Honestly, it’s a great holiday.

And yet–somehow, the crazed consumerism of Christmas always seems to overshadow it. Heck, they start putting Christmas stuff up in the stores even before Halloween–and Halloween is also a largely consumer-based holiday! (what with people buying decorations and costumes and candy and etc.) So how do they acknowledge Thanksgiving in the stores? THEY DON”T. It’s a travesty!

Well, you know what? I am a proud member of the Thanksgiving support group “Stop Thanksgiving Underappreciation and Feed Foodies’ Insatiable Need for Gingerbread” (STUFFING). The mission of STUFFING is to spread awareness about the exploitation of Thanksgiving. Everyone just expects turkey and cranberry sauce on the third Thursday of November without showing a whit of appreciation for the many benefits of Thanksgiving! When was the last time you saw a pair of Christmas socks? Probably at least within the last week, and it isn’t even the Christmas season yet. How about the last time you saw a pair of THANKSGIVING SOCKS?

Mm-hm. Thought so.

So, with the endorsement of STUFFING, I have decided to dedicate a week of my blogging life to thanksgiving. Starting today and for the next week, I will be posting every single day about some Thanksgiving or fall food item or items. We’re having an official Thanksgiving this year at our house, and I actually have some extra time on my hands for a change, so I am looking forward to helping to whip up a spectacular, more-than-just-turkey-and-mashed-potatoes Thanksgiving feast. (I’ve already started to plan the menu. Is that sad? NO.) I’m pretty excited. You should be too.

(This post was done with the approval and endorsement of the STUFFING Support Group. The views contained in this post do not in any way represent the viewpoints of the STUFFING corporation, its employees, or its affiliates. Thank you.)


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Appreciation”

  1. LoveLace November 21, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    Haha! I love this post! I totally agree with you and guiltily admit that I am one of the many who start celebrating Christmas in like June! I’ve been thinking about my own menu for a rather long time!

    • lecoupdefoudre1 November 24, 2010 at 2:54 pm #



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