Quick Must-Reads

21 Nov

Okay, I will admit that Day 2 of the Thanksgiving postravaganza will not feature any food that I have actually, ahem, well, …made. Instead, I want to point you to five sites that you just HAVE to take a look at. They all have some great stuff on them that you won’t want to miss…but I’ll warn you, this type of thing can get pretty addictive. Just sayin’.

1. Smitten Kitchen. This is a great site, filled with hundreds of recipes of different types, flavors, and styles. It has desserts and savory things and fancier delicacies and simpler quick meals and breads and sides and new flavors and more and more and MORE, but the one thing that all those recipes have in common is that they all look DELICIOUS. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

2. RealSimple.com. This has to be my favorite magazine ever, because it has lots of gorgeous photographs to pair with cute little tips and stories on health, beauty, style, and (most importantly) FOOD! This is their online catalogue of recipes–I recommend clicking “chocolate recipes” at the bottom of the page. Also, they have lots of great ideas for Thanksgiving, like table setting and decorating ideas, and appetizer ideas for parties. (One of my favorites is their spread with 10 original unique ideas for stuffing–fennel and apricot, andouille and bell pepper, apple/cranberry pecan, fig and pine nut, cheddar and jalapeno, sausage and sage, etc. Yum!)

3. Blue Ridge Baker. (thanks to gorfogirl for introducing me to this one!) Oh my lordy lord, the stuff on this website….I can’t even describe. You will have to look for yourself.

4. America’s Test Kitchen. I don’t know if any of yall have seen the show on TV from America’s Test Kitchen, but the deal is that they do a lot of research on the best way to make, well, everything. They try all different options, ingredients, cooking times, techniques, etc., and then have a group of testers taste the results and elect a winner. They also do a best-in-show for some store-bought product (for example, red sauce, cheddar cheese, or sausage, to name a few) AND a best-in-show for some type of kitchen equipment. All in all, their recipes are dependably good and varied and you will often learn something from the differences between what they’ve found and what is generally accepted. It’s very interesting, check it out.

5. 3 B’s–Baseball, Baking, and Books. (can’t remember whether to attribute my knowledge of this one to gorfo girl too…the food blog war is a blur to me and I can’t remember which are my own and which were yours. I think the whole thing was detrimental to both of our mental healths.) This is another purely sugar-and-other-carbs-based site which is chock-full of cookies, cakes, pies, bars, cupcakes, other desserts, chocolatey things, and warm things best served topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I just *love* looking at all the eye-candy on this site (well, technically, it’s not just eye candy…it’s real candy too…but…right. anyway.) because it makes me feel warm, fuzzy, full, and happy on the inside. And it also makes me happy to know that there’s someone out there who may possibly have the same profoundly deep love for banana bread that I do–although I realize that this is highly unlikely, due to the depth of my devotion.

Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to go watch some Burn Notice with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the remainder of my night. Happy reading!


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