Pumpkin White Chocolate “Truffles”

29 Dec

As an avid reader of the fantastic HowSweetEats blog and an avid eater of delicious food, when I see a recipe like this one, I have to try it. 

I halved the recipe, and was very pleased when the truffles ended up looking fantastic and very elegant,as if they took an entire day to make.  However, they tasted much different than I expected, for many reasons.  A) My pumpkin bread that I used as a starting point was very moist, probably because our household, sadly, did not have an appropriate loaf pan.  (Also, because I was really hungry and couldn’t be bothered to keep the loaf in the oven for longer than necessessary.)  B) Because of this, I needed significantly less cream cheese to hold the “dough” together- instead of half of a bar (4 oz.), I used about 2.5 oz.  Finally, C) I ended up needing two bars of white chocolate, even though I halved the recipe.  Maybe this is because I’m an inexperienced dipper, but I felt like this was way too much.  Despite all of these complaints, I ended up with 20 beautiful, dense truffles (so dense and rich, in fact, that it was tough to finish even one) that would be great holiday gifts.


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