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22 Jan



Today I wanted hot chocolate, like usual. But instead of my normal hot chocolate, I decided to add a little twist to it. I really like a coffee and chocolate combo, so I added some instant coffee powder to my hot chocolate and voila! Wonders! So, I thought I would share my recipe to you all who love hot chocolate just as much as I do.

Fill a mug 2/3 of the way full with milk (any type) and heat in microwave for 1 minute. Add 2 tsp of cocoa powder, 1 tbsp of sugar (depending on how sweet you like it) and half a tsp of instant coffee (or more if you like it stronger). Fill rest of the way with milk and heat for another 30 seconds. Top with whipped cream and a pinch of instant coffee powder and ENJOY!!!!


yummy 🙂


How Sweet It Is

17 Jan

So, I was on the Web the other day, procrastinating, when I decided to log onto the blog How Sweet It Is (I would have hyperlinked it, but technology is beyond me, so the website is Bad idea. My history homework sat on my desk while I perused chocolate-dipped clementines, vanilla lime pound cake, and many other delicious treats. Basically, everyone should check out this food blog. It’s my favorite, and a great way to pass your day off 🙂


Half Baked Cookies

5 Dec

If anyone has ever been to the restaurant Uno’s, you might have noticed that for dessert, they have a half-baked cookie. This cookie is always succulently warm, the cookie is always soft, the ice-cream is always the right consistency (not too melted, not too frozen), the–excuse me, I got carried away. The point is that Uno’s has this fabulous dessert that I decided is a must-try, so I’m giving you my own made-up recipe (well, actually I made it with my cousin, but that’s ok). Enjoy!

Bake chocolate chip cookies using your favorite recipe, but bake it for only half the time. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream on top, depending on the size of your pan, and then drizzle with chocolate syrup.

(Sorry I couldn’t find a picture, but I was really craving this earlier and decided to put up a post about it without actually making it.)



13 Nov

Hello everyone!

It’s time to kick off Chicks with Whisks!

Everyone should contribute one recipe that is a family favorite, a comfort food, anything that is near and dear to your heart. Of course, if you don’t want to publish secret family recipes, we understand.

More to come later, and happy blogging!